Radios for reliable communication

Always and everywhere available

Mobilophones are essential for good and reliable mutual communication with colleagues or security services. A radio is mainly used in vehicles such as cars or vans, but also in fixed setups such as control rooms and mobile communication boxes. At VDK you will find analog and digital radiotelephones, including those of Motorola, which enable reception on various frequencies.

Radio in vehicles

Mobilophones can be used by VDK in a vehicle built-in becoming a radio. In this case, the radio is powered by the vehicle or via a second battery system. We mount the antenna of the radio on the roof of the vehicle or put it in behind the bumper, which gives a radio in the vehicle an excellent range. This way you are always connected and reachable, even in emergency situations.

Buy a mobilophone

You can buy various types of radios at VDK, including accessoriesradios for police, fire department, ambulances and Defence, but also for companies. We are happy to advise you when you decide to buy a radio. We help you to choose the most suitable radios for your activities.

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