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Vehicle installation

Customized vehicle solutions

A vehicle that is fully equipped is an important aspect for security services to do their job well. After all, they must be able to communicate and act immediately in critical situations. For this it is necessary that a vehicle is equipped with unambiguous controls and standardized construction.

VDK provides the installation of a vehicle, customized and according to your wishes. Here you can think of a simple solution, such as the installation of a car kit or mobile phone, but also advanced linked communication systems, such as matrices, camera systems, listening devices and the necessary optical and acoustic signals. We can incorporate these into your vehicle both strikingly and unobtrusively.

Matching installation solutions for vehicles

We provide standard vehicles with equipment and installations, for example optical and acoustic signals, such as sirens and signal lights. We can also realize the installation of dog cages and other special equipment. In addition, we supply complete vehicles with appropriate installation solutions. The possibilities at a glance:

Custom vehicle installation

Does a standard vehicle not meet your needs? Then VDK will be happy to advise you on the possibilities with regard to the installation of your customized vehicle. We think with you and incorporate your ideas into a design. This results in a built in vehicle as you have in mind. We do not lose sight of the environment, legal obligations and requirements to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Whether you are looking for a fully equipped vehicle or components and installations that make communication from your vehicle more efficient, safer and faster.

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