Customized solutions for telecommunications

Research and development by R&D department

Customized telecommunications solutions, such as internal antenna systems, linked camera systems or embedded control systems, have become more important than ever to business. Organizations rely heavily on well-functioning IT solutions, and security services must be able to rely on their equipment anytime, anywhere.

Communications, camera-systems, signaling-systems, controls, all of these products must not only work anywhere, anytime, but also be workable. Speed and safety can make all the difference. That’s why VDK not only delivers, but we also conceive, develop and implement customized solutions. With the help of our own R&D department we translate your wishes into working, sustainable solutions.

Examples of customized solutions:

This is how our R&D department proceeds:

The R&D department, where research and development come together, is the hub of VDK. With this department you have access to a team that operates as an extension of your organization. IT specialists and experience experts in the government sector are there for you. They analyze problems, come up with appropriate, and if possible the simplest, solutions and develop these. In doing so, they make use of sustainable techniques. This allows them to anticipate any customer demand.

Eventually, solutions can be implemented or integrated into existing equipment. Sometimes an interface already offers a solution to integrate existing equipment into a new situation. Other times it is necessary to develop solutions at a detailed level, from circuit board to connection.

Order custom work

With the R&D department, we connect to your organization and services. Multiple techniques and products can be brought together in one customized solution. The possibilities are tailored to your organization and working method.

You can also contact us for small runs. Let us inform you.