Communication solutions for defense

Safe and secure solutions

VDK has a wide range of communication solutions for Defense. From military networks and data centers to (mobile) control rooms. We also supply communication equipment, such as military radios, mobile radios, networks, data centers and headsets to accessories, such as repeaters, amplifiers and coupling systems. All tailored to meet the requirements of Defence services. . VDK delivers:

Communication among military personnel secured and guaranteed Commands

In addition to communicating in a safe manner, speed is of the essence. Seconds count when it comes to disaster situations. No time should be lost in starting up a device. That’s why we also advise, for example, on how to set up the equipment in the simplest way possible.

Using our R&D department we develop custom equipment. Think of walkie-talkies without an on-off button, which go into action as soon as you pick them up. This way there is never any doubt about the function of a particular button. A simple, but functional solution. For missions on land, in the air and on the water.

Safe and secure communication

Reliable, secure, workable and fast, these are the conditions that are paramount in the development and implementation of communication solutions for Defense. Even when communication must take place over long distances or when reception is necessary in hard-to-reach areas, VDK’s solutions can provide a solution.

Data exchanged by the Defense Department is sensitive in nature and therefore careful thought must be given to the security of equipment used to transfer information. VDK, just like defense, sets the highest standards for communication equipment. We think along on effective ways to secure equipment and advise on various techniques that make this possible. For example, we make use of encryption, so that shared information remains confidential and invisible to third parties.

Our solutions for Defense:

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