Communication solutions for control rooms

Creative and practical

To ensure that security services, such as ambulances, police, fire department

and security guards, to work safely and quickly, the control room is indispensable. From the central control room all services are alerted and controlled. The control room is also an important link in the collection, storage and reproduction of data.

An incident room therefore requires not only technology in the field of alarm systems and communication equipment, but also camera systems for recording events and IT solutions for backing up the data.

IT solutions for creating backups.

Our solutions for control rooms:

From design to installation

VDK stocks various communication solutions for control rooms. We do not look for solutions in conventional techniques, we look much more at business processes and working procedures. We adjust the development of communication techniques and tools to these. This results in creative solutions that not only look good on paper, but also make a practical difference for an incident room. Think of analogue systems that can be used fixed and mobile or operating systems on touch computers.

Our R&D department uses sustainable techniques in the process. Ultimately, we can also develop all the solutions they come up with, if necessary we can install complete control rooms for you. All systems we deliver are built flexibly, so they can easily be expanded with custom solutions.

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