Communication solutions for businesses

Customization in IT and telecommunications

Communication is now a must in any business. Employees need to be able to work anytime, anywhere, but at the same time, as an employer, you also want to maintain control. Whether they work in the office or on the road. This, however, brings with it the necessary IT and telecommunications issues.

How should sensitive information be handled? How can employee-owned devices such as smartphones and laptops be linked to company systems? And how can the security of devices be ensured? In short, how sensitive is business information and how vulnerable is its exchange? VDK realizes communication solutions for companies.

High-level communication

Many companies exchange business-sensitive information worldwide via the cloud. An open network that is therefore exposed to all kinds of threats, such as viruses or hackers. Digital communication is fast and easy, but at the same time it brings with it these pitfalls. VDK therefore works with high-frequency techniques that guarantee the operation of communication equipment. For security services such as Defenseand securitycan be vital.

Our solutions for companies:

Examples of customized solutions

VDK supports with custom solutions that can be developed by our in-house R&D department. Internal antenna systems (DAS) that guarantee data traffic from all devices within a building and remotely manageable and controllable units, such as a truckload temperature controller, are examples. We can also arrange data protection at workstations or authentication using tokens, text messages or cloud based.

In addition, VDK also offers various solutions for rent for a certain period of time. A cost-effective and efficient solution.

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