Communication solutions for security services

Remarkably inconspicuous

Security services guard our safety and that of our belongings. To perform this task with verve, as a security guard you must be able to work safely and securely yourself. You must be able to stay in contact with the control room or colleagues anytime, anywhere. This requires durable means of communication and advanced techniques. VDK develops means and techniques that help security services secure persons and objects. Our employees understand the importance of unobtrusive, but efficient and durable communication tools and techniques for security services. Think of built-in camera systems, earphones, eavesdropping devices and control room technology. We produce solutions for:

Strikingly inconspicuous communication solutions

Police and security services require inconspicuousness. For example, in the case of undercover operations. Then means of communication are indispensable, but visible means of communication are unusable. This requires whisper-quiet, small devices that can be stowed away and advanced techniques that work anytime and anywhere. Only in this way can the safety of agents be guaranteed.

Secure communication techniques

Security services are increasingly working together with Politie Nederland when it comes to detecting crime. Communication is therefore not only important within the corps, but also between different organizations. Throughout the Netherlands and even beyond.

With the advent of mobile telephony and digital solutions, the world has not only become faster, but also more vulnerable to crime. It is not for nothing that we think primarily in terms of high-frequency solutions rather than digital solutions when it comes to communication techniques for security services. In this way, the transmission of sensitive information can take place without risk.

Our security services solutions:

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