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Optical and acoustic signals

Visible and trusted

Optical and acoustic signals are an integral part of security forces’ operations. These signals ensure that they are visible. They can use them to alert and inform road users. Since optical and acoustic signals are usually used in critical situations, the user must always be able to rely on this equipment. Only then can work be done quickly and safely. Both on location and on the road.

VDK supplies, develops and implements optical signals and acoustic signals, including:

Construction of (priority) vehicles

VDK also builds up vehicles of government services with optical and acoustic signals. For both priority vehicles and inconspicuous vehicles we offer customised controls. From searchlights and strobe lights to strobe lights.

We follow developments closely. This enables us, for example, to use new LED techniques to apply lighting in specific places on and in a vehicle. This drastically reduces the power consumption in a vehicle, so that second battery systems are often unnecessary. Not only cost-saving, but also sustainable and effective.

Visible and trusted signaling devices

Because of the high demands placed on signaling devices within government organizations such as Defense, police, ambulance services and fire fighters are asked to, it is important to be able to rely on a reliable partner. A specialist who knows which matters are important within your operational management and who guarantees and continues the functioning of optical and acoustic signals.

VDK understands that safety and reliability play a major role for security services. And that this requires specialized knowledge. Quality comes first, visibility and reliability are guaranteed.