Communication devices

Always and everywhere available

At VDK you will find a wide range of communication tools. Think of walkie-talkies, mobile phones, headsets, but also accessories. For example, batteries or earphones for analog and digital communication systems, or holsters for communication equipment.

Our service is geared to developing communication devices that enable long-distance reach and are easy to use. Speed is important here, as is confidentiality, availability, durability and workability.

Some of our communication tools:

Communication equipment from idea to realization

VDK delivers and develops communication devices that allow you to be in range wherever you are and whatever the situation. During development we take your preferences into account. These form the basis. For example, which buttons do you need on your walkie-talkie? And where should they be located on the equipment? Our R&D department makes all resources to measure.

We also supply all accessories. From long-lasting batteries for walkie-talkies to special earphones or custom bags. As versatile as communication is, we take on every customer request. From idea to realization.

High-frequency communication

Developing durable equipment that guarantees communication flows within your organization, by means of encryption, for VDK that is equal to delivering quality. Increasingly, communication tools are based on digital techniques, while for optimal functioning of communication equipment high-frequency techniques are necessary. It is not for nothing that we specialize in high frequency and can advise you on its use.
Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your organization.