Personal Security

You hardly ever see them, but they are there: employees of the Royal and Diplomatic Security Service (DKDB). These personal security officers protect the members of the Royal Family, for instance. The DKDB service is also deployed when heads of state, ambassadors, diplomats or other dignitaries visit our country. For the protection of these persons, it is important that communication and action can be taken as unobtrusively as possible. For this purpose VDK provides various customized solutions and products for personal security to maintain safety unobtrusively. Think of:

Personal security equipment

All equipment can be applied invisibly while ensuring quality and coverage. Which means a measures are needed per security assignment depends on several factors. Such as the person to be secured, the location where the security guards need to work and when the security services need to take action. That is why VDK advises for each security assignment and provides the DKDB with tailored resources, so that risks to the safety of the person(s) in question are excluded as much as possible.
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