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Blue light lamps and light bars

Blue flashing light is legally used in conjunction with a siren. VDK has been providing optical-and-acoustic-warning-signals for government services, such as blue flashing lights. In doing so, we respond to the latest technologies and take sustainability into account. Therefore, these blue light solutions are nowadays equipped with LED technology, which drastically reduces the power consumption in your vehicle and increases visibility through high light intensity. .

Buy blue flashing light

At VDK you can buy blue flashing light class II. We offer solutions for police, fire department, defense and also the Department of Public Works, which since 2017 must also equip vehicles with blue flashing lights. For all requirements we offer suitable solutions for example for priority vehicles, but also communication solutions for inconspicuous vehicles.

Blue flashing light for security forces

We are able to apply blue flashing lights in or on a vehicle exactly where it is desirable for the end user. We will be happy to advise you on the type of blue light that best suits your purposes. Daarnaast staan wij ook voor je klaar met reparatie en service op locatie wanneer er onderhoud of reparatie nodig is.

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