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Repair and service (on site)

VDK takes care of you, wherever you are

At VDK we find ease of use of great importance. This also includes that we relieve you when repairs to, for example, communication equipment are necessary or when you need service, such as maintenance of communication systems in a vehicle. In the event of problems, such as a system malfunction or defective equipment, you contact us immediately. We will then make an appointment. We carry out repairs in our own workshop in Wijchen (Gld) or come to you as quickly as possible, wherever you are.

Maintenance and repair of communications and IT equipment

Regular maintenance of communication and IT equipment prevents many failures. That is why we like to make maintenance agreements with our customers. If a breakdown does occur, you don’t want to lose any time and you want to get back to your work as soon as possible. In that case, we will come to the site as soon as possible to carry out repairs.

In addition to repairs to installations or materials that we have supplied, we also repair products that you have purchased from third parties. We are also at your disposal for advice on, among other things, custom-made systems.

Maintenance Contract

At VDK, you can take out different maintenance contracts to solve your malfunction or repair. After all, no customer or customer demand is the same. While performing maintenance we always take into account an environmentally conscious approach by providing sustainable solutions. In addition, a maintenance contract is tailored to your expectations and the costs are transparent, so you will not be faced with surprises. We are happy to discuss with you which maintenance contract best suits your business process.

We enter into maintenance contracts for:

Do you have any questions or want to know more about our approach to on-site repair and service? Then please contact us.