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Operating systems

From design to implementation

Control systems speed up and facilitate business processes within your organization. The choice of a control panel and the way it is set up is closely related to, among other things, the technologies used in your organization. The manner of service provision is also decisive for the design of a control system.

VDK offers a complete package of operating systems. From design to implementation.

Remote control

VDK develops and implements control systems that are workable, tailored to customer requirements, deployable over long distances and installable in any vehicle. Control panels with which you monitor and manage technologies remotely, without noise. In short, operating equipment that optimizes business processes.

For the development of operating systems, such as remote controls and multitask screens, we use integrated systems, both stand-alone (computer and network independent) and SaaS (Software as a Service).

Solutions for control panels

The control panels and solutions that we devise for this purpose can be used separately, but can also be linked to other systems. Think of a control system integrated into a walkie-talkie or mobile phone. Or remote control techniques that you can control from a vehicle.

The solutions of VDK at a glance:

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