Repeaters for extended range

A repeater increases the range. While communicating with emergency services or with your colleagues in urgent situations, nothing is more important than good reception. Repeaters increase the range of, for example, walkie-talkies. Which type of repeater you need depends on the type of walkie-talkie and antenna. Even the type of terrain where the walkie-talkie is used can affect its range and thus the repeater you choose.

Extend range of walkie-talkies with repeater

The repeaters VDK supplies are of high quality and also compact in size, so they take up little space. With these repeaters you can increase the range of your radios. Which repeater you need depends on the type of radio you have and the range that you need. VDK can give you excellent advice on which repeater best meets your needs and requirements.

Please contact with us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with customized advice.