Mobile cameras

For the temporary visualization of a building, event or other temporarily secured area, VDK provides mobile cameras. By equipping units with cameras that provide a sharp image of the surroundings, any incidents can be clearly traced. Especially during large events, mobile cameras controlled from one central camera system are very useful. This makes it possible for security or the police to view the entire event from a single point. In the case of criminal offenses, these images can be temporarily stored. Thus, the mobile camera-system you also set up a central backup of visual data.

Mobile camera security

Mobile cameras give security the ability to quickly observe and intervene in criminal acts. A mobile camera for security requires razor-sharp image recording and a waterproof system that can take a beating.

Installing mobile camera surveillance

VDK can develop and install mobile camera surveillance.

Please contact us. Based on your requirements and uses, we will give you advice so that you find a suitable mobile camera system that suits your work.