InterroView interrogation solution

Interroview is an interrogation solution that can be used in any location

InterroView is a video hearing solution based on a registry laptop combined with a chat client on a lapto. InterroView can be used as a fixed setup in a hearing room, but is also available in a specially designed pelicase. This makes it possible to conduct an interrogation at any location.

With InterroView it is possible to store metadata of an interrogation. The official report number, name of the suspect and many other details can be filled in as desired. Via the laptops, the interviewing couple can chat with the shadow couple. The chat messages are placed in the timeline and are saved during a recording and are visible when looking back at the recordings. When an important event takes place in the interview, this can be indicated with a marker. Markers are visible on the timeline and are saved with the recording, just like chat messages. Markers are visible on the timeline and, like chat messages, are stored with the recording and can be seen when viewing the recording.

InterroView consists of two units. On each unit a Bosch dome camera is mounted. The cameras can be controlled from the laptops. The regielaptop is used outside the interrogation location. The system consists of one application that can be used to record, review, and
export. InterroView can be incorporated into an existing network.

The system consists of up to six video sources and six audio sources. The video sources are independently switchable as is the volume of the audio sources. You can use a second screen (monitor or beamer)
to display the video.

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