Motor mounting

Fast, always in contact

Motorcycles are the ideal vehicles if you need to get to the scene of an emergency quickly. Then it is just as important that your motorcycle is equipped with all the components that are important for your work. Communication devices that put you in direct contact with control rooms, for example. Or alarm systems, such as optical and acoustic signals. VDK builds motorcycles for security services, tailored to the needs of your service. To have a motorcycle built requires precision and specialist knowledge. VDK has the necessary knowledge and employees with practical experience who build motorcycles and other vehicles for government services, but also devise customized solutions.

Engine build-up with communication systems

What components, communication systems or signals are indispensable for motorcycles used in your organization? When building your motorcycle we take into account ease of use and efficiency, but also an environmentally conscious way of working. If necessary, we inform you about the strict quality requirements that a motorcycle must meet.

Engines for security services

Specially for the use of motorcycles by security services, VDK has designed several solutions:

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