Antenna systems

For an assured reach

For communication processes, whether within a company or between government departments, nothing is more important than good reception. Therefore, it is imperative that every signal, no matter how small, is captured. By deploying antenna systems tailored to your organization’s communication processes and means of communication, reachability can be ensured by optimizing the signals received. From any location and at any time.

VDK develops, supplies and installs antenna systems

We supply complete antenna systems, but also custom solutions and accessories. For example, resistors or combiners to which multiple outdoor antennas or repeaters can be connected. A choice of the possibilities:

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

For many organizations, it is apparent how difficult properly arranging reception can be. For example, when operating in disaster areas. That is why VDK also builds antenna systems in vehicles. But also more and more office buildings are so well insulated that the reception is deteriorating. Poor reception can have disastrous consequences for the progress of business processes or the success of organization-wide plans, among other things. The solution to this can be an indoor antenna system, the so-called DAS (Distributed Antenna System).

The DAS system improves coverage within a building. The system distributes among others 2G-, 3G- and 4G-signals, but also RF-signals, so that the reachability of amongst others walkie-talkies within a building is optimal. All signals are distributed via one internal antenna system.

For more information on antenna system installation or custom solutions that improve reception, please contact us.