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Network installations and IT solutions

Because a strong and secure network is the foundation

A strong network is vital to keep your business applications and systems working optimally and connected to each other. Without a strong network installation, communication is not possible. Therefore VDK provides you with appropriate network solutions and advice regarding network installations.

Various communication systems depend on a well-functioning and highly secured network, after all it is of great importance that you always keep connection through your network. Wherever you are. VDK builds networks, for local systems but also for IP-related systems. Networks that enable communication and information transfer over large distances. Fast and encrypted. In addition, we find corporate social responsibility very important. Our working method is always as environmentally conscious as possible, for example by limiting energy consumption and providing sustainable IT solutions.

Custom network solutions

We have no shortage of experience with network installation at VDK. Nothing seems to change as fast as technology. Therefore, we are on top of the latest knowledge and developments to guarantee a highly secure network. In addition, we deliver customized solutions when it comes to network solutions. Speed and cost savings are our starting point. We program and adjust connections according to your wishes and requirements, so that you can get the most out of your systems. Examples of custom network solutions are:

Questions about networking and IT solutions

In addition to providing network solutions, we are also there for you when you experience problems or malfunctions in your network. From a distance or at your location, we look with you.

For more information or questions about networking and IT solutions, please contact us.